Download Free Abarius Ringtones for your Mobile Phone

I finally got bored with my boring, default ringtones in my mobile phone and decided to do something about it. Being a big fan of Gintas’ music I decided to create ringtones from the songs on both his “Gates of Joy” and “Quietness and Trust” albums. After all, who wouldn’t want their mobile phone ringing Gintas’ Herbie Hancock-ish “African Rondo” tune when their friends call? Feel free to download and share these ringtones with your friends while I am able to make them available freely. If you like the albums, both of them are currently available on, and iTunes.

Download the Abarius Ringtones

You may need to right-click / save these zip files to your hard drive. Once downloaded, you need to unzip them. If you do not know how to add ringtones to your mobile phone, you may need to research that on the internet. For iTunes version (for those who have iPhones), simply drag all the MP4 files to your Music library and sync them to your iPhone.

Download MP3 Versions of Abarius Ringtones (20.8 MB)
Download iPhone Versions of Abarius Ringtones (16.9 MB)