Gintas Abarius

Gintas Abarius

Welcome to the world of Gintas Abarius,
Lithuanian-born internationally
accomplished pianist, composer and
worship leader.

Two powerful elements of his rich European and
American musical background, classical and
jazz, are blended into a unique sound, touching
the soul with the life-changing power of love,
hope, compassion, encouragement and joy.
These come from the place of a perfect peace:
the presence of an Ultimate Creator of Heavens
and Earth.

This amazing place is wide open to you. Relax and enjoy the flow of music. As it takes you out of your daily routine, listen to your heart. Deep
inside of you there is a Sound of Peace, a testimony of your sonship and infinite beginning, where you belong in everlasting God.

Music is the most universal language for it has no borders and knows no limits. It reaches the depths of our being and can take us to a level our logical mind cannot comprehend. Music is the power that steps into the future and transforms the present, changing individuals and societies. It heals and brings freedom. It belongs to us as the greatest gift of life.


Lithuanian born (1959) internationally accomplished pianist and composer, a son of famous conductor and composer Lionginas Abarius. G. Abarius began playing piano when he was 5 years old. At the age of 8 he was accepted into M-K. Ciurlionis School of Art to study piano where he was taught by Professor E. Ignatonis and graduated in 1977. There, he also studied composition by Professors V. Bagdonas, B. Kutavicius, and O. Balakauskas.

In 1977, he was accepted into Lithuania’s National Conservatory. He was taught by Professor J. Karnavicius and graduated in 1983.

Later, he studied composition under Professor V. Laurusas.

During the years of study in Lithuania’s National Conservatory, G. Abarius held solo recitals and was the winner of numerous chamber music festivals.

In 1980, together with A. Fedotovas and B. Vainas, he created his first jazz trio which was recognized as a Grand Prix winner trio in the First Birstonas Jazz Festival.

When he returned to jazz in 1984, his trio participated in many various jazz festivals in the USSR.

In 1987, G. Abarius’ jazz quartet was the winner of the United Youth Stage performers contest in Moscow.

In 1988, G. Abarius was recognized as the best Lithuanian jazz pianist.

From 1987, G. Abarius toured and played with much success in Germany, Poland, Finland, Russia, Denmark, England, Latvia, Bulgaria, Holland, Estonia, Spain, Bulgaria, Iceland, Slovakia, Israel, and the USA.

From 1986, G. Abarius started to express himself as a composer as well, creating more than dozens of songs which were sung and still are sung in the repertoire of popular Lithianian singers.

G. Abarius’ composed two national anthems – “Saukiu as Tauta” (“I Am Calling the Nation”) and “Dieve, Laimink Lietuva” (“God, Bless Lithuania”) which are always heard during Lithuania’s national holidays and celebrations.

Gintas Plays

G. Abarius is also the author of many songs played at the national and international Lithuanian song celebrations, various festivals, contests, music for children’s ensembles for TV, and music for cinema. He is also one of the beginners of contemporary Christian music in Lithuania and the whole USSR.

Before he passed away, Gintas resided in the United States of America together with his family and was doing the work of a musical missionary. He also taught young musicians, held international conferences, seminars, mastery classes, composed and recorded new projects.

Performances / Tours:

Years Accomplishments
1980-1998 Leader of “Abarius Jazz Trio”
1980-1986 Winner of Grand Prix at national Birstonas jazz festival in Lithuania. Concerts at jazz festivals in RIga (Latvia), Minsk (Belorussia), St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk (Russia), Tallin (Estonia), Sofia (Bulgaria). Multiple recordings at lithuanian national tv and radio.
1987 Winner of Grand Prix at international music contest in Moscow. Concerts on national TV of USSR in Moscow.
1987 tour in Germany-Koln, Dusseldorf, Kassel
1988 Grand Prix at national Birstonas jazz festival. Gintas Abarius is announced as the best jazz pianist in Lithuania. “Abarius Jazz Trio” received international award of jazz critics as a Discovery of the Year of USSR.
1988 tour in Germany-Manheim, Wiesbaden, Bielefeld, Koln
1989 tour in Finland-Keitelle jazz festival, Concerts in Helsinki
1989 tour in Spain – Murcia, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid. Concerts on national TV of Spain
1989 Festival “Solo, Duo, Trio” in Krakow, Poland
1990 tour in Denmark-copenhagen
1990 tour in Germany-Dusseldorf, Kempten, Fussen, Hanover, Koln
1991 concerts in Moscow at Lithuanian Embassy
1991 tour in Poland. Concerts in “Aquarium” jazz club, Warsaw
1992 tour in Netherlands-Groningen, Amsterdam
1993-1998 concerts at embassy of USA in Lithuania, international “Kaunas Jazz’, ‘Singgroup jazz” festivals, Concerts in Riga (Latvia), Moscow (Russia), recordings on national TV and radio.


Years Accomplishments
1980 Live at Birstonas Jazz Festival
1994 Live at Birstonas Jazz Festival
1987 Monographies
1988 Live at Birstonas Jazz Festival
1989 Reminiscense Bluse
1990 Midnight Song
1993 Tree of Life
1995 Concert for the King
2006 Lithuanian Jazz 2980-1990


Years Accomplishments
1994 concerts and recordings in Latvia (Riga), Russia (Yekateringurg), Ukraine (Kijev)
1995 concerts in USA (Sacramento)
1996 concerts in Iceland (Reikjavik), Germany (Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Hanover)
1997 concerts in USA (NY, Denver, Seattle, Portland), Ukraine (Kijev), Iceland (Reikjavik), recordings on national TV of Iceland
1998 concerts in Israel (Naharia, Haifa), Kazachstan (Alma-Ata), Russia (Moscow), USA (Sacramento, Denver, Springfield, NY)
1999 concerts in Russia (Izhevsk), Latvia (Riga), Israel (Haifa), England (London)
2000 concerts in Germany (Mannheim, Dusseldorf, Koln, Hamburg), England (London), USA (Tampa, Sarasota)
2003 concerts in Germany (Osnabruck, Hanover, Hamburg)
2004 concerts in Russia (Irkutsk, Chabarovsk, Ussuryjsk)
2005-2007 concerts in USA (Raleigh, Houma, Augusta, Springfield, Sacramento, Charlotte)
2008 Concerts in Lithuania-Vilnius, Palanga, Pazaislis international festival, concerts in USA (Raleigh, Wilkesboro, Philadelphia, Orlando, Atlanta)
2009 concerts at Lithuanian national Philharmonic in Klaipeda, Kaunas, Vilnius.


Years Accomplishments
1994 New Generation
1995 For all is Paid
1995 Live for the King (with “Abarius Jazz Trio” and Judita Leitaite-international mezosoprano)
1996 Come back to Jesus
1997 Songs of the Smallest
2004 Tribute (with “Baltic Avenue”)
2005 American Songs
2006 Sound of Peace
2008 Gates of Joy (with lithuanian jazz stars)
2009 Quietness and Trust (Limited Lithuanian release under title “Psalms of the Later Rain”) (* Quietness and Trust will be available in 2011)

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Gintas Abarius

Gintas Abarius

  • Hymns and Galla songs for Lithuanian national and international music festivals of 1997, 2003, 2005, 2009
  • Numerous national pop-hits.
  • Music for TV, radio, cinema.
  • “Jazz Mass” for 2 soloists, vocal jazz group, instrumental jazz ensemble and mixed choir.
  • Music for children, recorded on 3 CDs
Years Accomplishments
1997 Pop Show
1997 I’m alive in Song
1997 Songs of the Smallest