Download Free Abarius Ringtones for your Mobile Phone

I finally got bored with my boring, default ringtones in my mobile phone and decided to do something about it. Being a big fan of Gintas’ music I decided to create ringtones from the songs on both his “Gates of Joy” and “Quietness and Trust” albums. After all, who wouldn’t want their mobile phone ringing Gintas’ Herbie Hancock-ish “African Rondo” tune when their friends call? Feel free to download and share these ringtones with your friends while I am able to make them available freely. If you like the albums, both of them are currently available on, and iTunes.

Download the Abarius Ringtones

You may need to right-click / save these zip files to your hard drive. Once downloaded, you need to unzip them. If you do not know how to add ringtones to your mobile phone, you may need to research that on the internet. For iTunes version (for those who have iPhones), simply drag all the MP4 files to your Music library and sync them to your iPhone.

Download MP3 Versions of Abarius Ringtones (20.8 MB)
Download iPhone Versions of Abarius Ringtones (16.9 MB)


Gintautas Abarius’ Final Masterpiece “Quietness and Trust” is Now Available

Award-winning prodigy Gintas Abarius’ final solo piano masterpiece “Quietness and Trust” is now available for sale as a digital download on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.

Quietness and Trust - Gintautas Abarius

  • Buy “Quietness and Trust” from
    Gintautas Abarius: Quietness and Trust

    Below on YouTube is track 7, “Gratitude”, from the “Quietness and Trust” album.

    The first batch of the CDs has already been shipped and is due to arrive June 6, so the physical CD will be available shortly on CD Baby. For those who wish to bulk order CDs, please email us at

    The album was recorded at Gintas’ Raleigh home in 2009 as he was battling a recurrence of throat cancer, which eventually took his life in August, 2010. The album will propagate to other internet stores in the coming weeks. (“Quietness and Trust” had a limited release under the title “Psalms of the Later Rain” in Lithuania in 2009.) You can sample some of the music from “Quietness and Trust” in the music player on this site or on CD Baby. And please remember that the “Quietness and Trust” CD makes a great gift, so you can check CD Baby in the coming weeks to order some additional copies at a 10% discount.

    Gintas’ fans are encouraged to sign up for the free newsletter on his website at to stay informed.

  • Gintautas Abarius’ “Gates of Joy” is Now Available as a Digital Download

    Internationally-renowned keyboardist Gintas Abarius’ album “Gates of Joy”, originally recorded in 2008 and remastered in March 2011, is now available in digital form on CD Baby’s website at and also on iTunes at Unfortunately, there are no iTunes music stores in Russia or Lithuania for Gintas’ fans in those countries. “Gates of Joy” is also available on at

    Gates of Joy - Gintautas Abarius

    Within the coming weeks, “Gates of Joy” should also propagate to various other distributors including Rhapsody, Spotify, Emusic, Zune, Nokia, Napster and Verizon. “Gates of Joy” will be available as a physical CD at some point in the coming months. Gintas’ fans are encouraged to sign up for the free newsletter on his website at to stay informed.

    “Gates of Joy is a song to life, which only music can express. This album is my internal daily diary expressed through the simple language of music via improvised melodies and rhythm.  These are like the first steps in freedom,” wrote Gintas Abarius. Gintas’ music has been compared to jazz artists like Keith Jarrett and Joe Zawinul / Weather Report. Tracks like “Blues for Angela” contain beautiful understated, sensitive melodies reminiscent of Vince Guaraldi or Ramsey Lewis. His approach to music is similar to the Beatles’ – European harmony with an understanding of Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and other rhythm and blues artists.

    The release of “Quietness and Trust” (formerly known in Lithuania as “Psalms of the Later Rain”) is not far behind “Gates of Joy”. The album, originally recorded in Raleigh, NC in 2009, is currently undergoing some additional remastering. The CD artwork is ready so once the master is finished, manufacturing of physical CDs can begin shortly afterward.

    Lithuanian-born Gintas Abarius was a child prodigy – a classically-trained, professional pianist whose many career accomplishments include the founding of the Lithuanian / Russian jazz scene, voted best jazz pianist in Lithuania, grand prix winner at the international music contest in Moscow in 1987 and the composition of several of Lithuanian’s national anthems still actively performed during national holidays and celebrations.

    In 1990, Gintas surprised many when he became one of the first professional musicians in Lithuania to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior. The Christian churches welcomed him with open arms and he was free to use his musical talent to teach, preach and lead worship in different churches throughout the world, including Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Germany, England, Israel and the United States.

    Gintas fully understood that the final purpose of his music is to glorify God and restore the human soul and that is what he intended with his music. Before he passed away from throat cancer in August 2010, Gintas resided in the USA with his family and was doing the work of a musical missionary. He also taught young musicians, held international conferences, seminars, mastery classes, and composed and recorded new projects including his jazz group, Baltic Avenue.


    Gintas Rests in Peace

    A devastating recurrence of a severe form of throat cancer has claimed the life of beloved Lithuanian jazz musician Gintas Abarius. Gintas passed away recently on Tuesday, August 10, 2010. Earlier this year, I had interviewed Gintas for a story that I wrote to help his family cover their living expenses throughout his struggle.

    I would like to thank all who so generously donated to help Gintas, his wife Violeta and son David.

    We have decided to take down Gintas’ music for the time being on the advice of one of Gintas’ friends. But no reason to worry, because I am currently working with Violeta and others to repackage (and in some cases remaster) Gintas’ music, old and new, in order to make it available worldwide for purchase to help support his family. We hope to have some of it ready by Christmas. Please sign up for the newsletter if you would like to be notified as the albums become available.

    You can contact Gintas’ wife, Violeta, through Gintas’ email if you like:

    Thank you and God bless,

    Rob Kainz
    Roadie Rage, Inc.

    Musician Gintas Abarius’ Throat Cancer Takes More Than Just His Voice

    A devastating recurrence of a severe form of throat cancer has left beloved musician Gintas Abarius literally speechless, consumed his family’s life savings and nearly left him unable to perform. Gintas’ insurmountable medical expenses continue to pile up, exceeding $300,000, and having been recently denied Medicare and food stamps in the U.S. was yet another serious blow to his family. While his faith in God sustains him throughout the ordeal, it has now become impossible for him to pay his family’s most basic living expenses, like food and rent, without the help from others.

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    An Appeal for Help

    As you may or may not know, Gintas’ throat cancer has attacked him severely over the past year. We will have more details concerning his medical condition in some new articles that are being written, but for now we are asking for donations to help him through this most difficult time. His condition has left without the ability to earn a living right now to support himself, his wife and son and has wiped out his savings making it impossible for him to pay basic living expenses without help from others. He is responding well to chemotherapy so we are all very hopeful. Please read the letter below from his pastor at the River of Life church in Raleigh, NC. If you would like to donate, you can find the PayPal link below. Please note that the default donation amount has been changed from what was mentioned in the letter below. Thank you.

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    Gintas Performs Mozart for National Lithuanian Television Audience

    Gintas Abarius

    Gintas Abarius

    Internationally recognized jazz pianist Gintas Abarius recently flew back to his home country of Lithuania to perform some Mozart pieces with Povilas Stravinsky, a descendent of Igor Stravinsky and the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra, conducted by G. Chichinadze. The concert took place March 26, 2009 at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic. You can view some of the performance on YouTube.


    March 24-26, 2009 in Lithuania

    Gintas Abarius
    Gintas performs Mozart with Povilas Stravinsky with Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra
    at Lithuanian National Philharmonic
    March 24, 2009 – Kaunas
    March 25, 2009 – Klaipeda
    March 26, 2009 – Vilnius


    February 17, 2009 in Washington, DC

    Gintas Abarius

    Gintas Abarius

    Gintas Abarius performs February 17, 2009 in Washington, DC at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.


    January 25, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia

    Gintas Abarius will perform with Baltic Avenue on January 25, 2009 7:00PM in Atlanta, GA at “595 North”. You can check their website at for further details.