Spreading the Word

Some friends of Gintas’ family have recently asked how they can help in promoting Gintas’ music and his story to help his family. In telling others about Gintas and introducing them to albums like “Quietness and Trust” and “Gates of Joy”, not only will their lives be enriched by Gintas’ fulfilling musical compositions and performances, but they may also come to learn about Gintas’ conversion story, demonstrating the strong, transforming influence that the gospel message can have on any one of us if we open our hearts and our minds to God, and take action for His glory. We hope to publish more of his story on Abarius.com as time moves on.

Below are some things you can do to help. Please feel free to do any number of them and don’t let this be a definitive list of ideas. If you have a great idea, please email us at info@abarius.com. We want to hear from you!

Social Networking

  1. Facebook

    Search for “Gintas Fan Page” on Facebook and “Like” the page. Also, please click the “Add to My Page’s Favorites” while viewing the Gintas Fan Page. Then, please post a comment to your wall sharing Gintas with others on Facebook and let them know what you think of his music, etc.

  2. Word of Mouth

    Please tell others about Abarius.com or QuietnessAndTrust.com. Let us not underestimate the importance of telling other directly by word of mouth! All throughout history, word of mouth has been an extremely effective means of communication. You can communicate a lot in an intimate conversational setting with someone based on not only your words, but your body language. So, if you are as excited about Gintas’ music as we are, then don’t let anyone stop you from speaking out about it!

Album Reviews

Many of the sites that Gintas’ music is available on allow customer reviews of his work. Below are some instructions for reviewing his albums.


  1. Browse to Amazon.com.
  2. Perform a search for “abarius” and then click on any of the links that say “Download MP3 Album” for the album you want to review.
  3. Scroll down to the “Customer Reviews” section and click on the “Create your own review” button and follow the instructions. You will need an Amazon.com account to write a review.


These instructions assume you already have an iTunes account and that iTunes is installed on your computer. If you do not, you can learn more about getting iTunes at Apple.com/iTunes. Click on any image below to see a larger version of it.

  1. Open up the iTunes application.
  2. Click on the “iTunes Store” link
  3. Type “abarius” in the search prompt at the top right of the application and press the return or enter key.
  4. Select one of Gintas’ albums to review by clicking on the underlined name of the album. For example, in the following screenshot, we will click on “Gates of Joy“.

  5. Click on the “Write a Review” text. A place to write the review will appear.

    1. Click on a rating by putting your mouse over the appropriate star and left-clicking it. For a five-star rating, you would click the fifth, right-most star.

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    2. Add a title for your review.
    3. Add some text for your review.
    4. Click the “Submit” button to submit your review.

    CD Baby

    1. Browse to CDBaby.com.
    2. Search for “abarius”.
    3. Click on the album artwork for any of Gintas’ albums.
    4. Scroll down to the “Reviews” section to write a review. You will need an account with CD Baby to write a review.

    If any of this is too complicated for you and you are able and would like to help out, please consider making a financial donation to help with advertising or production costs, or contribute in some other way. You can contact us at info@abarius.com.

    We will continue to update this page as time goes on with other ideas. Thank you for your help.