Gintautas Abarius’ Final Masterpiece “Quietness and Trust” is Now Available

Award-winning prodigy Gintas Abarius’ final solo piano masterpiece “Quietness and Trust” is now available for sale as a digital download on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.

Quietness and Trust - Gintautas Abarius

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    Gintautas Abarius: Quietness and Trust

    Below on YouTube is track 7, “Gratitude”, from the “Quietness and Trust” album.

    The first batch of the CDs has already been shipped and is due to arrive June 6, so the physical CD will be available shortly on CD Baby. For those who wish to bulk order CDs, please email us at

    The album was recorded at Gintas’ Raleigh home in 2009 as he was battling a recurrence of throat cancer, which eventually took his life in August, 2010. The album will propagate to other internet stores in the coming weeks. (“Quietness and Trust” had a limited release under the title “Psalms of the Later Rain” in Lithuania in 2009.) You can sample some of the music from “Quietness and Trust” in the music player on this site or on CD Baby. And please remember that the “Quietness and Trust” CD makes a great gift, so you can check CD Baby in the coming weeks to order some additional copies at a 10% discount.

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  • Musician Gintas Abarius’ Throat Cancer Takes More Than Just His Voice

    A devastating recurrence of a severe form of throat cancer has left beloved musician Gintas Abarius literally speechless, consumed his family’s life savings and nearly left him unable to perform. Gintas’ insurmountable medical expenses continue to pile up, exceeding $300,000, and having been recently denied Medicare and food stamps in the U.S. was yet another serious blow to his family. While his faith in God sustains him throughout the ordeal, it has now become impossible for him to pay his family’s most basic living expenses, like food and rent, without the help from others.

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    An Appeal for Help

    As you may or may not know, Gintas’ throat cancer has attacked him severely over the past year. We will have more details concerning his medical condition in some new articles that are being written, but for now we are asking for donations to help him through this most difficult time. His condition has left without the ability to earn a living right now to support himself, his wife and son and has wiped out his savings making it impossible for him to pay basic living expenses without help from others. He is responding well to chemotherapy so we are all very hopeful. Please read the letter below from his pastor at the River of Life church in Raleigh, NC. If you would like to donate, you can find the PayPal link below. Please note that the default donation amount has been changed from what was mentioned in the letter below. Thank you.

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